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The DF13 Ken Berman Pop Music Collection is available today!  Right now in fact.  So we thought we'd tell you a little bit about it and show it off a little.

Ken Berman's artwork is some of the most unique that we have seen.  So it was only natural that it fits with DF13.  Ken Berman blends a combination of steampunk, mechanics and industrial aspects in his artwork and it's what draws viewers to it.

In cooperation with Ken Berman directly, DF13 has worked to implement one art piece at a time into collections that feature his artwork.

"Pop Music" is a piece with some history.  The original was an oil painting combined with colored pencil and is actually one of Ken's personal favorite pieces.  What add an unfortunate story to this piece is that during the Sonoma CA fires in 2017, the original painting was destroyed.

This artwork is now featured on the entire Pop Music collection.

LINK to Collection:

If you would like to check out more of Ken's work, please visit:

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