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It has been a while since a blog update, but when we have one, oh boy do we have one!

When it comes to purchasing a skateboard or skate deck, there are many reasons you do so.  Some purchase decks to ride and others purchase decks to display as artwork.  Just as there are many reasons to purchase a deck, there are many methods to display a deck on your wall.

DF13™ is proud to announce the patented DeckDock®!

The DeckDock® was created with style and efficiency in mind, to allow you to display or store your skateboard with ease, at any angle, with or without trucks.

While the DeckDock® is ready, we are working to finish up the demonstrations, bundles and packaging, and of course instructions on use.  This won't take long, so you can expect the DeckDock® to be available within the coming week, along with some other cool stuff!

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