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All of us at DF13 realize that sometimes it's just about expressing yourself.  That's why we have created the brand new DF13 Skateboards skate deck creator!

Now, you can upload your artwork or photo and instantly create a skateboard out of it with the click of a button!  Your deck is limited only by your imagination.

Since we opened our doors in June of 2014, DF13 Skateboards have allowed customers to send us their artwork to create their own custom skateboard.  After a while, this became such a daunting task, that we simply had to find a new way.  Part of the problem was that many customers had the same questions..."How do we get our artwork to you?" and "Can I see a picture of my deck before you make it?"  So, each time we had to either send the customer a deck template to use to create their artwork on or simply have them send us an attachment with their artwork.  Then we would need to use our software to create a prototype of the deck, generate a mockup and then send the mockup to the customer.  When you get a lot of requests, this can be very time consuming.  So we needed a better way.

Now, using the online skateboard creator, you can upload your own artwork from the interface, and within a few seconds your deck is available to see, save and share.  This allows you to not only see what your deck will look like in real-time, but also allows you to save the mockup to show to your friends so that they can give you feedback.

We didn't stop there however...

We planned ahead for the next step of the deck creator (based on suggestions and inquiries)...the ability for you to offer your own line of DF13 skateboards to the world!  That's right!  After sorting through a lot of emails and custom deck orders, one of the most asked questions (aside from the norm) was "Would it be possible for me to design and sell a deck or a line of decks through DF13?"  We are happy to say that very soon, the answer will be yes!  Until then however, we have implemented a pretty cool feature into the deck creator.  The feature allows you to not only see what your deck will look like, and create a mockup of your deck...but with the click of a button (web only), you can download a full photo shoot of your deck!  What this means is that you now have nice professional marketing photos of others holding, posing and interacting with your newly designed skateboard.  The best part is not just that this happens in an instant, but that all of this is absolutely free!

So go ahead and take the Deck Creator for a spin and then let us know what you think.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask

Click here to open the Deck Creator



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