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After the success of the Joker and Joker 2.0 decks, the typical question was "when will there be a batman deck?"  We put this off for some time, but it was alwasy in the back of our mind.   We started work on it back in 2016 however.

We are proud to announce the release of the Gotham Knight Deck Series!  It was a long journey from concept to completion and included not only the creation of the artwork itself but also production of the short film like commercial.

We knew that staying true to our roots was necessary.  So we ventured to turn the city of Pittsburgh into Gotham City one more time.  From aerial drone footage of the city of Pittsburgh, skating the streets of Pittsburgh, character portrayals, visual special effects, special appearances from the prince of crime and the caped one....months of shooting and editing to create one of the most epic feeling deck series reveals we have ever created.  There was literally months of footage and hours of editing, to create a reveal video just under 3 minutes long.

Sticking with true DF13 fashion, the artwork itself is a zombie-esque parody of the caped crusader and two notorious, recently more relevant, villains.

Let us know what you think of it in the comments.

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