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It always strikes me as an odd thing that people give us heat over the way the company was founded.  It's seriously not even that big of a deal, but whiners will whine and haters will hate.

The oddity is that people actually believe that I decided to open a skateboard company simply because of some shirts.  This is generally because their scope of logic and intelligent comprehension is limited.  While it is true that the idea for DF13 came from some left over t-shirts, only the name itself came from that.  Developing DF13 into a skateboard brand comes from a passion for the sport.  Otherwise, I would have launched a simple clothing brand and left it at that.  The problem is, some people don't have the brain capacity to read between lines, comprehend certain things and see that there is a larger picture.  They also generally judge because they can't "do."

Occasionally I take the time to see what ridiculous thing one idiot or another has to say.  Things ranging from how "unbelievable" it is that DF13 was founded based on me getting rid of t-shirts, or how "shitty" a product is that they've never actually had an experience with.  We aren't alone in this phenomenon.  Many businesses get hit with the occasional moron.

I'm personally only one part of DF13, but I can say that everyone here has a passion for what we do.  This is far more than most people can say about most companies.  This apparently pisses people off though.  I can honestly say that I do sometimes take it personal.  It doesn't hurt my feelings though.  Haters tend to talk 10 miles longer than the people who love you.  They drive people to check you out.  What they think doesn't really matter because for every person who doesn't like you or your success, there are 5 people loving what you do, buying that new thing you made or buying the very product some short sighted person thinks is shit merely from a photo.

I've always been someone that loves when people talk, whether it's good or bad...they're still talking and they're still telling everyone about you.  Your haters actually provide the fuel to get your fans in the door.  They're just so absorbed with disliking you, that they never realize the positive effect they have.

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