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We rarely complain about services we use and in the rare occasion that we do, we never do it publicly.  When it affects our customers, and when it has the potential to affect millions of others, we have no choice but to make an exception.

As always, DF13 has offered PayPal as a method of payment for our products.  This has done us well and has not failed to provide an effective and easy transaction process for both us and our customers.  Still, there are those that would prefer not to use PayPal as a method of payment.  This is why we sought to offer another method of payment.

After careful consideration, we had chosen Square for this.  This was likely one of the largest mistakes we have made in this aspect.

Most of our customers continue to use PayPal as a method of payment when ordering from our website.  However we have a few customers that prefer to bypass PayPal and use their cards directly.  Some of these customers are other business owners and make the same bulk orders every time they purchase.  DF13 has only utilized Square for a total of two transactions since our account with them was created.  While we cannot go into too many details (customer privacy), we can tell you that these transactions were from another business owner who purchases DF13 products to put in their store, and they do indeed make the same purchase every time (dollar amount of products).

So let's assume you own a business and you use Square to process your payments. Now let's assume you have a handful of customers that are loyal return customers.  Be warned! Square's account services actually believes that this is considered "high risk activity." In other words, if you have more than one transaction from the same customer, they consider it "high risk" and they will shut your account with them down!

To make matters worse, their email support is practically non-existent, and their phone support is setup in such a way that you require a code upon calling.  This code is only obtainable if you login to their site and have an active account.  The oddity is that the user most in need of phone support is likely going to be a business that has had their account deactivated.  So essentially, if this was the ONLY method of payment processing that you used, Square can effectively kill your business at a moment's notice, without explanation and provide you with no effective way to communicate with them to discuss or solve the issue.  This seems a bit shady when businesses rely on your services.

Now we are not sure how business works for Square, but in the real world, return customers and repeat business is the core lifeblood of business.

After this situation between Square and DF13, we began doing a little research.  We were surprised to discover that we are not alone in this experience! In fact, there is one website with over 285 complaints of this very same occurrence, and a whopping 2000+ complaints in from others in just 36 months!

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) gives Square an "A+" rating in spite of their being almost 3000 complaints from businesses in 36 months.  That is an average of 1000 businesses per year, all expressing exactly the same complaint (accounts deactivated with no warning or reason and Square withholding funds).

In closing, if you run a business and your customers and business is important to you, stay far away from Square.  If you do choose to use Square, we suggest having a backup plan on the ready!

If you've had problems as a Square user, please comment below and share your story.

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