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We are a fun loving group of guys and we grew up learning not to be so stuffy when it comes to business.  Hell business is hard enough without adding more stuffiness to it.

We have a different approach to things.  We take our customers seriously and they are very important to us.  However we don't believe that a bunch of skaters want to deal with a bunch of "suits" which is unfortunately what the industry is becoming.

We are the guys that will joke with you on the phone, prank call the guy down the street, do some weird things on 5th Ave, etc.

Even with that, the one thing that puts us in "serious mode" is when we take care of our customers concerns and needs.

We know we don't offer a $29 deck that you buy at Walmart (nothing wrong with that btw).  It's because of that however that we know our customers expect solid quality.  On the rare occasion that we mess up on that aspect (yes we are human), that is when we kick our asses into gear to fix it, fix it right, and make sure our customer walks away happy.

With all of that in mind, don't be surprised when our outgoing message on our phone is slightly sarcastic, or if we say "shit, damn, ass" or any mildly off color words that most stuffy business would never say.  We have fun at DF13 and we want you to have fun with us.

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