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Designing A Skate Deck

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Over the last few years, people have given me feedback on my skate deck designs.  One of the most often asked questions was "how do you design a skate deck?"  So I figured I'd outline how the process works.

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DF13™ A Fun Loving Company

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DF13 Skateboards is often a company that is misunderstood because of our fun loving and pranking nature.  Here's the rundown...

So you want to start a clothing line?

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If you want to start your own clothing or t-shirt line but don't have the money or resources you feel you need to get started, I'm going to show you how to do it with little to no money!

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Learn to Skate: The Basics

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So you've seen some other people skating in your neighborhood, watched Tony Hawk or for some other reason decided to go buy your first skateboard (hopefully it was a DF13 oard ;) ).  Congratulations!  So now how do you get started riding this damn thing?  Good question.  Let's take a look at that.

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